High Intensity Training with PHIIT in Knoxville TN

High Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT) offers quick bursts of exercise followed by short recovery periods. HIIT burns more calories, improves heart health (including blood pressure and cholesterol levels) and builds muscles – all in one high intensity workout.

If you’re new to high intensity workouts, though, working alongside a personal trainer with PHIIT (Personal High Intensity Interval Training) is the best way to begin.

A personal high intensity trainer considers your age, general health and activity level to determine the intensity, duration and frequency of training. PHIIT workouts can be modified to fit your comfort zone, and personal training minimizes the risk of injury as you learn the routine and techniques.

Maximize your fat-burning, muscle-building workouts. Start your high intensity interval with the customized, personal experience of PHIIT.